Indian Civil Aviation market at present stands at around $900 million.
India’s airport capacity is expected to handle
1 billion trips annually.
Domestic traffic makes up 69% of the total airline traffic in South Asia.

We believe in

AHeli is driven to produce well-trained aviation professionals.
We ensure state-of-the-art environment, appropriate network and the opportunities to excel in the aviation space.
We practice a culture of openness and transparency.
We consistently believe in being respectable to each ones experience and expand their wings by connecting the larger dots.

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Aviation Environment

AHeli Associates:
Pallavi Salunke & Associates
Audit & Financial Consultants
Why AHeli

Provides a unique combination of training for multiple categories - Pilots, Cabin Crew, Cargo Handlers, Safety Crew.

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Provides an appropriate platform for aspirants to pursue a job role of choice.

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Faculty expertise is the cutting edge for examination & interview preparedness.

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